Friday, 18 September 2009

Grinding Workout

After having had loads of requests for grinding workouts, I thought that I would post my grinding session from yesterday. I trained at Virgin Active in Derby (UK) for a change in 'scenery'; and of course the gym is equipped with only the best, Technogym!
This was the first 'high intensity' session that I have done since my injury. With my iPod pumping out Guns N' Roses, Texas, Nickleback & Akon (yeah I know its old school...), I started with an easy 15 minutes at 170 W, then I upped the next 15 minutes to 180 W, before resting (and stretching) for 5 minutes. Then the real work started; 6 sets of 60 seconds sprints at ~400 W, followed by 60 seconds rest. I then rested for 5 minutes, and did another 5 sets of the same (60 seconds sprints at ~400 W, followed by 60 seconds rest). It's a real killer!