Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bring it on!

Having received the all clear to resume maximal training from my surgeon (Prof. Lennard Funk), I am back on track; 107 kg's and 12.8% body fat. Yes I know... body fat is a little high, but it's on the way down from a life-time high of 15% after the ops! My goal, 110 kg and < 11% fat.
Strength is improving well and it won't be long before I can throw around the 60 kg dumbbells again... The most noticeable deficit at the moment is my velocity of movement - my chest and shoulder muscles seem to be slower at reacting to high speed - it may be a neural deficit post op or just muscle recruitment issues which will hopefully adjust over time. Hence, I have included loads of upper body proprioceptive and reaction drills into my training; for example, reaction focus-mitt boxing, med-ball, swiss-ball and wobble board exercises, etc.
Will I be ready to grind in the Louis Vuitton World Series in Nice in November? Definitely! But with all 8 of the America's Cup teams already having finalised their crews it is unlikely that I will find a team with only 4 weeks to go! I am desperately hoping and will be in peak condition waiting for the call!