Saturday, 29 May 2010

Should I re-operate after three pec-major ruptures?

I have rested the chest for 8 weeks now, only doing light shoulder stability exercises – it is amazing how quickly one can lose muscle mass –I am going for an MRI scan on 4 June to see what has happened to the allograft (the cadaver tendon that was implanted during the previous operation).
My surgeon, Dr Len Funk*, is hesitant about re operating due to the build up of scar tissue now after 4 operations and the fact that both of the last 2 repairs have been a success, but the rehabilitation has failed. So even with another successful operation, if the rehab process is not successful, I could end up in the same situation again...
As a private (non contracted) athlete, it is extremely difficult to find the same level of medical support that one is accustomed to in a professional team environment. In addition, unfortunately no physiotherapist in Loughborough has had previous experience of treating a similar injury.
My goal now is to try to find the appropriate medical support that I require prior to considering another operation...

* Dr Len Funk is one of the best shoulder surgeons in Europe and based in Manchester UK, his details can be found on his website, I would recommend Len Funk to any athlete with a shoulder or chest injury

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